Afraid of the Dark? Descending into Aberration

Not every location in ARK: Survival Evolved is a lush landscape or beach paradise for exploring. Dive below the surface in the Aberration expansion, located in a broken underground ARK whose internal atmosphere has leaked away leaving a harsh, radioactive climate. This harsh climate has led to the creation of strange creatures unlike those found in other places, such as glowing Aberration varieties and never before seen like the Rock Drake — a gliding 4-legged drake that can turn invisible like a chameleon!

The conditions on Aberration are rough — certain areas are full of radiation, which slowly damages over time. Be sure to suit up in protective gear if venturing near these areas. Frequent earthquakes shake the land, so be sure to have steady footing when one starts.

Giant mushrooms litter the land which can be used in replace of wood for building, but be careful. Some smaller mushrooms are known to be extremely poisonous and will cause vivid hallucinations if stepped on, quickly disorienting and causing shortness of breath. The surface of Aberration is uninhabitable, with extreme temperatures during the daytime. Be sure to venture out only during the night and keep your eyes on the time.

One of the biggest dangers in Aberration is the darkness — without charge light, lurking creatures emerge. The Nameless swarm to attack when light is low. It’s important to keep a light source, such as a light pet, upon your shoulder to keep these critters away. Stay too long in the dark and you may attract a bigger threat — The Reaper Queen. These giant macabre-looking creatures are reminiscent of Aliens. Be careful of being pierced by her tail or you may find something growing inside your body… ready to burst out. Can you survive the trials of Aberration?